Brochure Boxes | Outdoor Flyer Boxes Medium duty
Brochure Boxes and Outdoor literature dispenser boxes are weather resistant and are ideal for professionals in all industries. Display your info or literature year round and advertise your flyers by real estate professionals. Flexible hinged self closing “SNAP TOP” lid protects your flyers from the outdoor elements! Choose from the selection below. Manufactured in USA by SMS Products & Displays.

Brochure Box | Outdoor flyer boxes
Brochure Box Economy 'aka' Exterior Flyer Box 2"capacity
Medium Duty outdoor brochure box. HOA's Realtors can
quickly advertise a Home for Sale property by using our
Injection molded brochure boxes.
Home builders can also buy direct from
ECONOMY136-2R $18.95 ea.
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Supreme Outdoor Brochure box
Supreme Outdoor Brochure Box Outdoor literature
holder All Clear box with black lid. Outdoor brochure
boxes are great for advertising your business.
Elegant outdoor brochure box has many uses
Ideal for Real Estate agents and sign companies.
136-4BLNK $19.95 ea.
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Brochure Box | Outdoor flyer Box medium
Medium duty Brochure Box aka outdoor Flyer Box with Red Imprinting.
"SNAP TOP" lid. Brochure box is ideal for Real Estate agents and home
Builders. Literature dispensers with 24/7 advertising for home for sale
listings! Made in USA Direct from the manufacturer
136-2R $25.95 ea.
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Outdoor Literature Brochure Box Trifold
Outdoor Literature Brochure Box Accommodates 4" x 9" Tri-Fold brochures. Double sided stickey tape strip can be applied and add to any meta or flatl surface. Double sided stickey tape included.
136-2_4X9 $15.95 ea.
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